Protecting your emails

Fraudsters hacked emails to my solicitor and stole £340,000 from my property sale

A few precautions could have prevented this.

  • Use a complex password for your email account at least 8 characters long using special characters, upper and lower case and numbers. No two characters should be the same.
  • Ensure the password is unique and is not used for other accounts of any type.
  • Do you know that using the old fashioned traditional client email settings leave your user name and password exposed in clear text on the internet.
    Please, never use these settings in your email client.
    Bad port settings: POP3 = 110, SMTP = 25.
  • Ensure the email transport layer is secure using encryption, assuming POP3 is used for incoming emails.
    A guide to good port settings: POP3 = 995, SMTP = 587 and set the server to require encrypted connection and set the type of security to TLS. Be sure to check with your email provider for the correct port settings to ensure security.
  • Encrypt the email message using a specialist email provider – this could be inconvenient for the client.
  • or, attach your message inside an Office document with a strong password agreed between the sender and recipient.

Enrol on an awareness training course – please contact me for details.