Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials Innovation Voucher Funding available for SMEs worth £5000


Meeting the Cyber Essentials requirements can be challenging for organisations that do not have appropriate in-house expertise, or, prefer an independent third party to help them through the process. This has been recognised by the Government who have set up a voucher funding scheme for Cyber Essentials support and for the certificate itself. The funding can also include professional advice on how to protect new business ideas and intellectual property in cyber security.

How to be eligible for a Voucher

To qualify for the Cyber Essentials Innovation Voucher you must:

  • Be starting up or running a micro, small or medium-sized UK business.
  • Have not worked for or contracted the supplier (PFI Security) before.
  • Have not had an Innovation Voucher from Innovate UK or the Technology Strategy Board before.
  • Choose a cyber-knowledge supplier who is approved to deliver Cyber Essentials through the voucher scheme. PFI Security is approved and a certificate is available if required.

Cyber Essentials’ benefits

  • Improving your competitive edge by showing to your clients you are serious about protecting their data.
  • To meet the tender requirements from the growing number of larger organizations requiring Cyber Essentials through the supply chain.
  • Meeting the requirements of external information security audits which may be imposed on your company.
  • Reducing cyber insurance premiums.
  • Knowing you have mitigated 80%* of the breaches from Internet-based threats to better protect your business.
  • Reducing the GAP to ISO27001 making any future ISO27001 implementation a little bit easier.* UK Government statistic.

PFI Security – Scope of work

Voucher Preparation (free of charge)

The voucher application process is a little strange, having been successful myself in obtaining a voucher to the value of £5000 in 2014 I am able to help you to complete the application form and monitor the progress of your application.

Phase 1

The first phase of work:

  • Agree and document the scope of the Cyber Essentials certification.
  • To carry out a GAP analysis with regard to security policies, procedures and the security controls required for Cyber Essentials Plus and for the leading cyber insurance policies.
  • Based on the GAP analysis a questionnaire will be completed to obtain quotations from certification bodies for Cyber Essentials Plus certification. The GAP analysis is also important to ensure an accurate quotation from the certification body, thus avoiding additional charges.
  • Prepare a detailed scope of work and project plan for Phase 2 to enable successful certification.
Phase 2

The work will include preparing policies and procedures and ensuring all security controls are implemented.
The Cyber Essentials Plus scheme requires an on-site visit by the certification board to carry out vulnerability tests, it is important that careful planning is carried out prior to these tests to reduce the risk of a re-visit which will incur additional charges.

The second phase of work:

  • Ensure all controls are in place and complete the Cyber Essentials questionnaire.
  • To obtain quotations from certification bodies for Cyber Essentials Plus certification.
  • To prepare the necessary policies identified in the GAP analysis results.
  • To perform the duties agreed in the Phase 1 project plan.

Complete and submit the Cyber Essentials questionnaire.
To get started contact Peter Farrer and please note that this round of voucher applications expires on 5th January 2016.

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QG Cyber Essentials Practitioner and Cyber Knowledge Supplier for the Innovation Voucher Scheme