How to secure your Facebook account

Facebook accounts are so easy to hack, but are also easy to secure!

Your Facebook account default security settings rely solely on a strong password, this is not enough and your account is very vulnerable.

Your Facebook account set to default security is vulnerable because hackers who know your email address use the “Forgotten your password?” procedure. Using the “No longer have access to these?” option the hacker eventually gains access by using “Recover your account with help from friends”, of course the friends are fake accounts. The hacker through friends eventually gains access to your account, if you need to do this activity there’s loads of information by searching with your favourite search engine.

Here’s what to do!

1 In your Facebook account select the padlock and See More Settings

Securing Facebook

2 Select the Security tab on the left.

Facebook account security

3. Select Login Alerts and set as shown

Facebook Security settings

4. Select Login Approvals and request a text code to be returned to your mobile.

Facebook login approvals

5. Select App Passwords and generate app passwords if you have apps.

Facebook App passwords

6. Select Trusted Contacts and choose your contacts who will help recover your account if all is lost.

This prevent the Hacker’s fake friends we spoke about earlier.

What are trusted facebook contacts

7. Finally select the Privacy tab and set “Who can look me up” to Friends as shown.
This prevents your photo and full name being shown when someone clicks “Forgotten your password”.

This is not fool-proof, anyone on your same network can see your photo and name, I assume this is by your IP address, if this is the case then your IP address can be spoofed

Facebook privacy settings and tools

8. Your much more secure that at step one

9. Enjoy your Facebook!