Cyber security courses for training providers

Peter Farrer, the owner of PFI Security says “It is so very important that SMEs understand the damage an information security breach can do to their business, a breach can cause major financial losses large enough to wipe out years of hard work getting to where they are today. Cyber security education and awareness training is a key control in limiting these security breaches and it is a passion of mine to be able to get the message out quickly to the SME community by offering my training courses through business schools, Chambers of Commerce and approved third party providers”.

Training covering the North West and London

Great opportunity to increase enrolments

The Cyber Essentials Scheme is growing in popularity and as a training provider it is an opportune time to add information security to your training portfolio and benefit from this high growth industry.

To help you enjoy high enrolment to your courses, the sample training courses shown on this website are tailored to meet the specific needs of your target audience and to provide a better fit with your training portfolio.

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The Benefits of cyber security training courses

Training instils a culture of awareness throughout a company which is critical in:

  • Reducing risk of damage to reputation and finances.
  • Protecting businesses from internal and external threats
  • Knowing how to implement the policies and best practices.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities throughout a company.
  • Gaining the awareness to understand the contractual, legal and regulatory consequences of security breaches.
  • Knowing how to measure incidents and breaches and their impact and how to improve these procedures.

Sample training courses

In-house training

If in-house training is a preferred option then bespoke courses are offered anywhere in the UK. If your company needs to fulfil ISO27001 education and awareness training requirements or any training shown in the sample training programmes then please contact us.