Cyber security awareness training

Cyber security awareness training is an extremely valuable part of the information security framework and is an important security control to help reduce the chances of security attacks causing damage to your business being successful.

Who should attend the course?

Cyber security awareness training is suitable for anyone in SMEs and larger companies, no technical knowledge is required.

Reasons to enrol for this course

  • To show compliance to ISO27001 Control “Information security awareness education & training.
  • To show that your business is in line with the UK Governments “10 Steps to Cyber Security” policy.
  • To gain an essential understanding of information security which when managed correctly greatly reduces the risk of security breaches causing harm to your business.

Course content

  • What’s all the fuss about? Let’s look at the facts.
    Real UK facts and figures about the latest UK security breaches.
  • An introduction to the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.
  • An introduction to the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme and how it could affect your business.
  • How do security attacks occur?
    We discuss what Malware is and Worms, Trojans, Viruses, DDoS and SQL injection damage limitation.
  • Social media – Are you safe?
    We look at real examples of security breaches using social engineering.
  • How to address insecurities associated with bring your own device commonly known as BYOD and removable media.
  • Security aspects of remote home working.
  • What is VPN (Virtual Private Network) and how to secure it.
  • The “10 Steps” to take for your company to get secure.
  • Supply chains and the “chain of trust”.
  • An overview of Cloud security.

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